We are pleased to announce the creation of the Pinnacle Group, the joining of forces.

This year 2020 brought surprises to us all, as John Lennon once said, “life is what happens while we make other plans”.

Although everything indicated that 2020 would be a year of great changes in the audiovisual market and more specifically in Pinnacle, the surprise was not long in coming and a Global Pandemic changed the plans of an entire planet.

With a restructuring, rudder changes and several turnarounds, we were able to lay the foundations to start building a new legacy. And just as the world joined forces to fight a virus, Pinnacle joins strategies, alliances and forces to give life to the Pinnacle Group.

We are pleased to inform everyone that the @Gpinnacle is formed by the joining forces of:

Pinnacle Home

With more than 40 years in the audiovisual market and through its operations center in Miami, USA. Today we are pleased to announce that we are relaunching the Latin America Distributor Division.

With more than 30 years installed in the United States through Pinnacle Home LLC. With new offices recently opened in 2020 and after serving the Brazilian and Argentinean market, we were honored to be called by some brands to perform the same tasks for all Latin America.

Official distributor of today’s leading brands in the world.

  • Blackmagic Design (Master Distributor for Brazil)
  • Hollyland
  • E-Image
  • Marshall
  • SKB
  • Media 5
  • Telikou
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Pinnacle Broadcast

Authorized technical assistance and exclusive support for distributors and customers, facilitating the entire process in direct contact between factories and customers.

We receive various service equipment, under warranty or out of warranty, purchased within or outside the official distribution channel.

We train technicians to discover and repair equipment with great agility.

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It was born to support resellers and customers who need exclusive and dedicated support.

A true collaborative platform.

We are specialists in audiovisual productions. We start with the elaboration of the project, analyzing the client’s ideas and presenting the best solution.

“You imagine and we make it happen!”

Always with high quality modern equipment to guarantee the best results.

Capture, production, editing and transmission of all digital media.

In addition to renting for our partners, collaborating in their productions.

Our instructors are ambassadors of the main brands in the market, with great experience in the products, bringing to the courses all the knowledge acquired in national and international events.

And recently, we launched a broadcasting program called Café Com Video, in partnership with one of the most important radio stations in Brazil “Exclusiva FM”.

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Pinnacle Show

Pinnacle’s events and workshops division. Creators and collaborators of major national and international events, acting online or in person.

Share knowledge, represent the brands we distribute and support the group’s resellers.