WDC Networks producing digital content.

In this age of isolation, WDC Networks finds itself producing A new series of videos on various technological topics, always with the objective of satisfying the needs and curiosities of its audience.

WDC Networks is a technology company founded in 2003, which operates in the industrialization and distribution of equipment in niche markets where growth rates have been the highest in the last 5 years, such as Internet Broadband Electronic Security, Unified Communications, Infrastructure. Data center, professional audio and video, data security and IoT: Internet of Things, because we believe that technology transforms to improve the lives of people and businesses.

The work was carried out in a studio set up especially for them, with its own stage design, where the person conducting the event was located and we incorporated interactions with different specialists through Skype calls or other online means of transmission.

The AbracadabraZ team , Pinnacle Group’s collaborative platform, thanks the Grupo CAS , WDC Net’s official organization, for trusting once again in the team’s experience to carry out and publicize the entire event.

To make this possible, we operate several high-performance equipment.

To capture the images, a Blackmagic Pocket 4Kcamera was used for the interviews, along with a Hollyland Cosmo 600 transmitter, so as not to lose mobility.

With Blackmagic Video Assist camera monitoring and recording.

For still cameras, for details we use the Marshall CV-506-CS microcamera and for the final touch of quality we use the Blackmagic Pocket 6K .

The Swicther Master was integrated by the Blackmagic Design line in an SKB case. Where the new Atem Mini Pro ISO was integrated to perform all camera cutting and graphics insertion tasks. For recording we use the HyperDeck Mini.

Communication with production and cameramen was handled by our powerful Hollyland Intercom, the MARS T-1000.

Capture, connect and share! This is our magic at AbracadabraZ by Gpinnacle.com