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Transmitting from a craft brewery in Rio de Janeiro.

Transmitting from a craft brewery in Rio de Janeiro.

Once again the AbracadabraZteam was called upon by the CAS Group to broadcast a particular event, held by a craft brewery.

Craft beers are beers without additives or preservatives and unpasteurized. They are alive and are an evolutionary product, which changes a little every day, with the presence of live yeasts (visible or not). They are produced by a natural process from grain, malt, without the use of extracts or products other than water, yeast, hops, and grain to make the malt.

We traveled to the city of Rio de Janeiro, to broadcast online a private event that took place in one of the largest Craft Breweries in that city. Where experienced amateurs gave us details about their creation and experience in the subject.

It was definitely a refreshing event where we could expand not only our beer palate, but also our knowledge of flavors, aromas, body, and more.

To make this possible, we manage several high-performance teams.

For capturing the images, a Blackmagic Pocket 4Kcamera in conjunction with a Hollyland Cosmo 600 transmitter was used for the interviews so as not to lose mobility.

With Blackmagic Video Assist camera monitoring and recording.

For the still cameras, for the details we use the Marshall CV-506-CS microcamera and for the final touch of quality we use the Blackmagic Pocket 6K.

The Swicther Master has been integrated by the Blackmagic Design line into an SKB case (https://www.skbcases.com/music/products/prodlist.php?c=80). Where the New Atem Mini Pro ISO has been integrated to perform all camera cropping and graphics insertion tasks. For recording, we used the HyperDeck Mini. Communication with the production and the cameramen was done by our powerful Hollyland Intercom, the MARS T-1000.

December 2022

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