Support and Technical Assistance

Pinnacle Broadcast is the official representative and provides support and authorized technical assistance for renowned brands for professional broadcasting solutions such as:

Our professionals in the technical team are highly qualified. Qualified and certified by the respective manufacturers abroad.

For equipment purchased from commercialized brands in Brazil by Pinnacle Broadcast and the entire reseller channel Authorized, technical support and assistance are provided sin costos (previa prueba), whenever the product is within the warranty period.

In addition to giving full support to the brands we distribute, we also carry out repairs and cleaning on lenses and DSLR cameras, Mirrorless in general.

Pinnacle Broadcast has developed a support system where we can help you in a variety of ways, adapting to customer standards.

Since some of the main problems that production companies face today are: Time and displacement of equipment.

Pinnacle Broadcast has developed a technical assistance system in which we can help in different ways, adapting to the client’s standards.


Online Service:
We can connect via the Internet for fast and secure maintenance..
Technical Assistance
Technical consultants available to assist you in the best possible way on telephones:
Technical Assistance in Argentina
Now we also provide assistance in Argentina

E-mail support

Contact via e-mail expand the link with our customers:

Online service: We can connect to your work station through a Internet connection for fast and secure maintenance.

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