Pinnacle Group tells you the difference between Hollyland intercom models!

The Pinnacle Group, the only Blackmagic Design authorized technical assistance in Latin America and which serves brands such as Hollyland, E-IMAGE, Marshall, AIDA Imaging, ,  Yololiv and Media5, details two of the four models of Wireless Intercoms (without cable ) – MarsT 1000, Solidcom C1, Solidcom M1 and Syscom 1000T – from the Hollyland factory. As official distributor for Latin America, Grupo Pinnacle clarified the differences between the Mar sT1000 and the Solidcom C1. “Hollywood products conquered the Brazilian market and all of Latin America! High-quality products at the most affordable cost in the market, allowing all producers and customers to have access to the best technologies of the moment”, commented the commercial director, Fabio Angelini.

The Mar sT1000 was Hollyland’s first wireless intercom and consisted of a communicator base with 2 antennas and 4 more BeltPacks (a total of 5 people with headsets). The distance is called feet – 1000 feet = 300 meters. The BeltPacks (communicating radios) have an internal rechargeable battery via the USB-C port that can be connected to the Base or using the same cell phone chargers. Charged they last up to 8 hours of autonomy.

The base has an LCD screen with information on battery life and signal strength, plus a volume knob for the base’s headphones and a mute all button, which can be used to turn off the MIC of the base’s headphones. Belt packs. The base has power connections with an external source (DCPower) or the input of 2 standard NPF batteries, which can last more than 10 hours of use (NPF970).

An important feature of this model is the headphones, which have a professional format with a noise reduction function, an ideal function for events that have a high volume of music (concerts, churches and others) in addition to using P3 connections, the same ones that are used on cell phones. In addition, the system can be expanded using two bases connected by a network cable.

Hollyland’s newest model has the advantage of working with up to six baseless communicators. Unlike other models, Solidcom C1 is not a BeltPack + Headset, but rather a Communicator Headset (Tx). When used without a base, one of the handsets is the master and the others will be the remotes (1 Tx Master + 5 Tx Remotes). They have rechargeable and removable batteries, increasing the possibility of use (two batteries are included for each Headset) the Tx Master reaches 5 hours of duration (when with 5 Remotes) – each Remote has up to 10 hours of duration.

When more than six people need to interact, this system can attach a HUB base, which can connect up to nine people (1 Base + 8 Headphones) with an LCD screen with information.

Solidcom C1 still has the special advantage of working with up to two Groups (A-B), which can be easily selected with buttons on each headset, as well as volume adjustment with the (+ / -) button. They achieve a range of 1000ft (300m) between the main TX and the remotes, or between the hub base and the remotes. They also have LEDs in the Mics area with connection information and battery status, making it easy for the operator to see.

The Pinnacle Group will offer the following kits to the market:

Solidcom C1 – 4S (4x Headphones + 8 batteries + 8-position charging base + Carrying case)

Solidcom C1 – 6S (6x Headphones + 10 batteries + 8-position charging base + carrying case)

Solidcom C1 – 8S with HUB base (8x headphones + 16 batteries + 8-position charging base + carrying case + HUB base with headphones)


Founded in 2013, Hollyland brings years of dedicated research and development and experience to wireless technologies and applications. The brand has earned the recognition and trust of customers around the world for its persistent pursuit of excellence and quality.


Pinnacle Group