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Pinnacle Group reveals what was presented at NAB Show 2022

Pinnacle Group reveals what was presented at NAB Show 2022

Pinnacle Group's actions include Blackmagic Design, which had the busiest (and largest) booth at NAB Show

As the only Blackmagic Design authorized technical assistance in Latin America, the Pinnacle Group, which also serves brands such as Hollyland, E-IMAGE, Marshall, AIDA Imaging, SKB Cases and Media5, marked its presence at NAB 2022, which was held at from April 23-27 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas (USA). “After two years without the NAB Show 2022, without face-to-face contact with the public, with the factories, we met again, presenting projects, aligning meetings and plans for 2022. For the Pinnacle Group it was sensational, since we had more time to meet with the factories we represent, we close new agreements, new representations, we relax with presidents and the best: we are going to take all this to Brazil and Latin America”, commented the commercial director, Fábio Angelini. “It was four days of a lot of work. Even though it is the smallest fair, the distances between one stand and another, between one pavilion and another, are great. And TESLA offered free transfers with their cars,” he added…

Blackmagic Design, Segundo Angelini, among the actions of the Pinnacle Group, stands out Blackmagic Design, which has or is more active (or bigger) in the NAB Show than, as always, I had a logo at the entrance – this time not in Pavilhão Norte. “A week before the NAB Show, Blackmagic Design had announced a new stage for a company with the Blackmagic Cloud line, which opens new possibilities for the DaVinci Resolve line”, said Fábio Angelini. “Also, now it’s easier and faster for your users to produce collaboratively, or else: we can start editing a project in Las Vegas and ask another publisher to continue it in Brazil… It’s the same as someone else Be responsible for the part of the audio in Italy and that in Japan we cannot finish. In short, all of us working on the same project and at the same time, maintaining high quality of the material and everything or knowledge of each one in their area. We will just be registered in Blackmagic Cloud , still in the Beta version”, detail. At Blackmagic Design, it presented solutions for local Storage, such as Mini models (8TB and 20TB) and a POD version, in which each user uses their own disks. “All with 10G network ports to connect at high speed inside or outside your home or production company. Possess HDMI port for monitoring the flow of access to the disks, facilitating the understanding of the access speed or processing capacity of the computer that is connected “, supplemented by Fábio Angelini.


The news of Blackmagic Design will not be released there. “The company launched on the first day of the NAB Show a new ATEM Constellation HD production line, with three new models: ATEM 1 M/EConstellation HD with 10 SDI Inputs and 6 auxiliary outputs; ATEM 2 M/EConstellation HD with 20 SDI Inputs and 12 auxiliary outputs, ATEM 4 M/EConstellation HD with 40 SDI Inputs and 24 auxiliary outputs, all updated with a new version of software, with improvements for Chroma-Key, Super Source and Multiview, in addition to a front panel with illuminated keys, It serves as a control panel, being able to cut between the inputs with dry cut or with effects.It provides a 5-pin XLR port for the Talkback function (intercom with the Studio Pro 4K cameras or URSAs), in addition to a novelty for these models: a USB-C port that allows connection to computers for streaming, recording or collaboration with other software”, specified the commercial director of the Pinnacle Group, Fábio Angelini. Blackmagic Design still presents a new HyperDeck – Shuttle HD, which includes integration with the ATEM Mini line (with the same format and finish), making the productions more independent and complete, with HDMI ports for Play (Out) or Rec (In ) in SD Card media or external drives via USB-C, with a professional button to use the JOG or Shuttle functions. “More than a year to Blackmagic being Blackmagic… Posters, banners, billboards are the main hotels and paintings in Las Vegas! Our meeting with the president, Dan May, and the CTO, Johua Herlling, the factory was very productive, with improvements in agility gives Technical Assistance for Brazil and with an opportunity to expand and serve our friends from neighboring countries”, added Fábio Angelini.


“We have a jantar with the main retailers of the Brazilian market, a true gastronomic experience, which was in addition to a gratitude and recognition for the work of all, being represented by numbers, never before reached by a distributor outside the USA. Sem duvida, foi o Best year for Blackmagic Design in Brazil. May 2022 come, we still have a lot of work, a lot of knowledge to share with the Brazilian audiovisual market”, concluded Fábio Angelini.


NAB Show 2022 in numbers

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) announced a preliminary registered participation of 52,468 people for NAB Show 2022.   Total registered participants: 52,468 International participants: 11,542 Countries represented: 155

“We are excited that our exhibitors, participants and partners from all over the world will appear força in Las Vegas. The enthusiasm and the engagement do not go out at the fair, in the sessions and throughout the event foram invigorating”, declared the president and CEO Curtis LeGeyt. “We thank the NAB Show community for making this year’s convention an incredible experience as we get back to doing business personally,” Acrescentou.



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