AbracadabraZ providing training to CETESB operators.

En esta oportunidad AbracadabraZ fue convocada por ART MULTIMIDIA, empresa revendedora de tecnología audiovisual, para capacitar a los operadores de su más reciente instalación proyecto para CETESB.

ART Multimídia, is a company that integrates Audiovisual Solutions and has a specialized team for the development and implementation of your AV Project.

In this opportunity, a streaming solution was implemented so that CETESB, the end customer, could have a fully equipped room that allows them to contact all the offices deployed throughout the country. This project included assembling a mini studio with cameras and chroma key, with its respective control with switcher, console and monitors. The sound system was also configured and several microphones were installed.

The objective was to be able to reach all agency personnel online, a highly important requirement in times of pandemic (COVID-19).

The Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo – CETESB is the State Government agency responsible for controlling, inspecting, monitoring and authorizing activities that generate pollution, with the fundamental concern of preserving and recovering the quality of water, air and soil.

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