AbracadabraZ and SuperUber joining forces for AFYA Educational.

On May 18, an event was held to launch the AFYA Educacional, required a technical demand that we could only achieve by joining forces between AbracadabraZ and SuperUber.

Afya Educacional is born in 2019 with the goal of being the great partner of the medical professionals throughout their formative years. But our history is more than 20 years old, especially in health and medical courses. Through our teaching units we operate from graduation – there are more than 30 different courses in addition to Medicine – through courses for residency exams and other degrees to postgraduate courses in medicine.

SuperUber creates experiences that combine art, technology, architecture and design.
The team of creative technologists, designers, architects, programmers, writers and producers work in Rio de Janeiro and San Francisco to devise and deliver interactive multimedia environments. Over the past 16 years, they have completed more than 250 commissions for an international client base that includes museums, brands and events. The work ranges from conceptualization to final installation.

AbracadabraZ, for its part has made available all the technology at its disposal so that SuperUber can make your project a reality.

For the AYFA, the following were used:

The event was recorded and streamed simultaneously to several fixed cameras, other remote PTZ cameras and one installed on an 8 m crane. All strategically placed to make the event as agile as possible and millimetrically adjusted so as not to overlap with a gigantic mapping that was projected in the background of the speakers.

To carry the signals from one sector to another, fiber links were used with converters of the family Blackmagic Design and also wireless from the line of Hollyland.

The capture part was carried out with the cameras of the cine line of Blackmagic and all the brackets of E-Image for tripods and other accessories.

Once again, the event was a success!!!!!

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