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AbracadabraZ and medicine working together again.

AbracadabraZ and medicine working together again.

On this occasion, AbracadabraZ was chosen by the company HemoCat to make the live broadcast to a closed and distinguished audience of doctors, in the presentation of a new Bypass system (VenaCure EVLT).

HemoCat, with a history that has been built on a commitment to patients, customers, suppliers, partners, employees and the development of the Brazilian healthcare market.

They operate with import, distribution and commercialization of high quality and differentiated medical devices, which provide reliable results to health professionals, and safety and comfort to the patient during the whole treatment.

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In the presence of two medical eminences in the area, Dr. Marcelo Grill (@marcelogrill) and Dr. Gustavo Barroso (@drgustavobarroso), both bascular surgeons presented to a select group of doctors, physicians and institutions the new system An innovative endovenous laser system for the treatment of Bypass.

The VenaCure EVLT procedure is minimally invasive and can be performed in a physician’s office.. It addresses the cosmetic and medical problems associated with varicose veins.

A laser light emitted through a thin fiber inserted into the damaged vein delivers only a small amount of energy, causing the malfunctioning vein to close and seal.

To make this possible, we operate several high-performance equipment.

To capture images, the following were used: for the interviews, a Blackmagic Pocket 4K camera, together with a Hollyland Cosmo 600 transmitter, so as not to lose mobility.

With the Blackmagic Video Assistcamera monitoring and recording

For still cameras, for details we use the Marshall CV-506-CS microcamera and for the final touch of quality we use the Blackmagic Pocket 6K .

The Swicther Master was integrated with the Blackmagic Design line inside an SKB case. Where the New Atem Mini Pro ISO to perform all camera cutting and graphics insertion tasks.

Communication with production and cameramen was handled by our powerful Hollyland Intercom, the MARS T-1000.

Capture, connect and share! This is our magic at AbracadabraZ by Gpinnacle.com

diciembre 2022

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